Semalt Expert Defines Social Media As An Effective Email Marketing Tool

When carrying out digital marketing online, one of the most useful tips is to stay in touch with your clients. This is achieved only when you have a good email marketing plan. Using emails to follow up and post specific content to your audience not only enhances your credibility but helps you retain your customer and SEO conversions.

Digital marketers are opting to social media as a means of improving email marketing. Social media is a direct way of reaching your niche in the manner which they interact passionately with your content. Social media has the capability of collecting many emails as well as lead generation. However, knowing how to use this channel is not easy.

Julia Vashneva, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, gives insight into successful social media campaign.

For any SEO social media strategy, you need:

  • A good “Lead Magnet”.

You need to have some offer you are giving out for free. This offer should entice your target enough to put in personal information like email. The freebie could be a webinar, free video or even a free ebook. A lead magnet is a baiting mechanism to get the email of a potential client.

  • A “Squeeze Page”.

This can be a kind of a landing page, except that it just prompts one for some more personal information like names. It should be short enough not to make a customer think otherwise despite having shown interest initially.

Typical social media website includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. These sites operate entirely differently but give some common means of enhancing your email marketing. Having known the concepts of "Lead magnet" and "Squeeze Page", the rest is applying on any feature available on the website at your advantage. The following are some of the ways you can utilize the many channels available in most social media sites:

  1. Advertising.

This feature enables one to reach out many potential clients out there. For instance, social networks like Facebook and Twitter have an advertising platform which allows one to customize the ads targeting like in demographic, gender, age and geographical location. There is also an SEO feature that enables a person get new clients with a similar interest from your existing email subscribers, thanks to their search metrics and analysis. Through social media advertising, you can build up on your email lists significantly.

  1. Posting content.

Every social media requires one to have an account for full feature functionality. Having an account entails account/page name, bio, picture, banners descriptions, etc. This is a good area to put information about the brand you are promoting. Twitter allows one to include a link to the bio. The bio is a good area to place the URL of your squeeze page.

  1. Unique features.

Many special features are available on every social media website. For instance, LinkedIn has many call-to-action and Lead Generation Card services. The onsite SEO software enables many tasks like downloading a list of all emails which engage with any post, e.g. SalesForce.


The above tips can be very effective in the generation of an email list. Remember, every social network is unique. Though efficient utilization of its usage, you can get many chances of baiting people with magnet leads to land on particular squeeze pages. Therefore, social media can be an SEO marketing tool especially for users interested in creating mail lists.